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Leia as sentenças e marque a alternativa que contém a sequência correta quanto ao uso do CAN, na ordem em que aparecem abaixo.
1- I can play the piano and my sister can play the drums.
2- Can I call you later?
3- I’m free tonight, so we can go out. What do you think?
4- Can you hand me the stapler?
a) Ability – permission – possibility - request
b) Possibility – request - ability – permission
c) Permission – ability – request - possibility
d) Request - ability – possibility – permission
e) Possibility – permission – ability - request

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Find 10 words for school subjects in the word search puzzle below.v i s p a n i s h t e a r t s f fn i c t q x e o y s f a x t m r gs d q g j s t l u x h i s t o r ys c i e n c e c g e o g r a p h y çq w h m d i l e n g l i s h y t cp s y u f m l i t e r a t u r e so r y d v q o y j c m a t h s o wf q x o y w k p o r t u g u e s e​
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Homeworkuse the words in the box (from "the world goes global") to complete the text.tradecultures economics globalization (2x) interact linking nations technologiesglobalization is sometimes defined as theof the world's nations through trade. thisamongallows people from differenttowith each other. people disagree about the effects ofonsome people think that it them with jobs and newhowever, others believe thatdestroys the cultural traditions of smaller groups.​
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1. complete the sentences with the tag questions. a. petter is your cousin, ? b. the cat wasn't lovelly ? c. you can do anything. ? e. i don't know about the problema of life. ? f. he doesn't married ? g. they will live in that home. ? h. the men havent live on the streets. ? i. we are together. ? j. you didnt like me. ?
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3. complete the dialogue/complete o diálogo.a. hello, good moming! i'm .. . i'm b. 'm brenda from canadalc. benda! d.- .. oud ? i'm fine, you! e s mathew from canada too? f. -no, he is he speaks russian.g. --okay, you! h. see you ​
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