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" How did the radio originate?" "Many scientists dreamed of discovering a way to wireless communication, but didn't succeed until the late nineteenth century."

"[Heinrich Hertz] demonstrated that waves [...] could be reflected by a metal sheet".

" All that was left was the Russian, Popov ( Alexandre Popoff), to create vertical metal pole [...]"

" This led to the creation of the first radio transmitter..."

4- Which of theses statements about the radio are true? Answer in your notebook.

A- The invention of the radio was possible at beginning of the 19th century.

B- James Clerk Maxwell invented the first radio.

C- In 1888, Heinrich Hertz tested Maxwell's assumption.

D- Hertz experiment was replicated by Marconi without much sucess.

E- Temistocle named the coherer in 1888.

F- Scientists found that radio communication involves the transmission of electromagnetic waves.

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